Every Summertime – NIKI - Megasus

Friday, July 1, 2022

Every Summertime – NIKI


D C (2x)

[Verse 1]


Eighteen, we were undergrads


Stayed out late, never made it to class, uh


Outer Richmond in a taxi cab


You were sweatin' bullets on the way to my Dad's

        G Em            A                                               D C

And oh, you said, "Baby, think?we're?movin'?too fast!"

[Pre-Chorus 1]

G                                Em        G           D                       D7

And I swear the magnolias flashed a smile (Flashed a smile)

             G              Bm              G               Em        A                   A

And that's when I caught me hopin' you'd stay a while (Stay a while)


F                                               C

Baby, I'd give up anything to travel inside your mind


F                                                 C

Baby, I fall in love again come every summertime

       F                                                                 C

My daddy taught me to choose 'em wisely but you don't have to try

             F                                                 A

'Cause, baby, I fall in lov? every summertim?

[Verse 2]


Twenty-five, man we're missin' church


Laugh 'bout everyone we're hatin' at work


Dinner with your sister and the jokes kinda hurt

C                                                                  G     Em

Cry the way home and you're puttin' me first, oh

          A                                                D C

Yeah, you just always know what to say

[Pre-Chorus 2]

G                                           Em              G                        D                     D7

We're strolling down the boulevard, and dancing under streetlights (Oh, the lights

G        Bm               G                      Em            A          A

Every year we get older and I'm still on your side (Oh, I)




Every day is summertime



Every day is summertime

F                                                C

Every day is summertime with you


Every day is summertime


Every day is summertime

F                                                C

Every day is summertime with you

F C (4x)

(By:Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Ring)

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